Love With The Wrong Person

Cheating is one of the most sinful things in a relationship, and it’s the reason why some families get divorced or break. It’s painful when you found out that the love of your life is not making time with you anymore and having an affair. I have never been this hurt before until I recently found what my wife and brother did to me. It was horrible and disgusting to think at all.

To think of it makes me puke. I was furious because I had no idea about it and I never believed that my wife and brother can do it to me. But maybe that’s life; you have to accept the truth and let go of yourself. Before I married my wife, she worked as a London escort that’s where we met and fell in love, well at least I fell in love now Im not sure how she felt. I know that she’s a great woman that is why I fell in love with her. This London escort has been working for many years now that she met many men in her career. I never expected that this London escort would turn to be my wife. I’ve never been happier when I started booking a London escort.

We have lots of great moments together; we shared lots of fun, sadness, and love. When time passed by, we slowly fall in love with each other. My love grows deeper towards a London escort. it cannot be denied how amazing she is and beautiful, which is also the main reason I fall for her. A woman like her makes me who I am today; she always pushes me to do big things, and then I did. We all need someone to believed in us, and a London escort made it to me. I have never been this happy my entire life if I never marry this London escort. This lady takes a big part of my life; we have a happy life with two kids. I decided to let her continue being a London escort after our second child was born. She told me that she misses working, and that’s part of her life.

I agreed with her since I want her to have her own money. I worked late at night and go home at dawn, so we barely see each other besides Sunday. My brother came over to my house and asked for shelter in a while, and I let him since I don’t have an issue with him. My cheap escorts wife and my brother had an affair, and I was blind of it. Their relationship continued for a year without me knowing. My wife became a London escort again gave my brother a chance to book her and date. I don’t see how these two people have no conscience or even feel bad about making love. I can’t believe that my brother and London escort can do that to me. The moment I found it, I decided to divorce my London escort wife. I have no communication with my brother either.